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Marilynn May
Creationist: WAIT! I thought the Earth was 6,000 years old?!
Marilynn May Titanosaur
John Ellis
f*ck, it's horrible photo!
John Ellis Albertaceratops dinosaur
Marilynn May
I am yet to meet a single psychiatrist who has helped a single person...its a fake science and the…
Marilynn May Brain scan
Phebe Paul
I saw it last year and I was so surprised! Nothing changes with X-ray industry?
Phebe Paul First ever human X-ray
I'm confused, I remember seeing Puffins in Dictionaries and books. According to those books Puffins…
Amberlynn Atlantic puffin
Phebe Paul
Wow it looks like haf Dino haf croc
Phebe Paul Spinosaurus dinosaur
Kenneth Murphy
Before I knew about the existence of acacia trees, I was out jogging and followed my nose towards …
Kenneth Murphy Acacia tree
Kenneth Murphy
Giganotosaurus or a T-Rex would own a Spinosaurus, LOL have it for breakfast, just one bite and its…
Kenneth Murphy Spinosaurus dinosaur
John Ellis
There’s a storm a brewin’. 
John Ellis Tornadic supercell thunderstorm, USA